Seen friendships wither away like beautiful flowers which haven’t been watered for long. Even seen some hibernate, no contact at all, but when the people in question meet again, the intervening years blow away like a wisp of smoke. You are right back where you were, and no awkwardness or formalities. And then saw a new type recently. Friendships dying blatantly on you. Mocking you, laughing at you. Daring you to do something to save them. Makes you think, are you supposed to save them? Do they want to be saved? The question is moot. If they did, it would hurt, the fact that they are dying on you. But where there’s no feeling, only a numbness – nay, not even that. Numbness is a feeling too – well, what do you do? Methinks, look at it mocking you, and when its done, go¬† write an obituary.