Its been a year now since i have been away from home, or in the US to be exact. Got the feeling should commemorate this in some way. Its not exactly something to be celebrated as such, still.
This wasn’t really the first time i was away. Had stayed out for some  months in the past year, but that was so near home, i would pop down every weekend. Didn’t really feel like ‘away’, to be honest. And then when the time came to go back home for good, i remember thinking – ‘That’s it. i am not going away anywhere again for a long time.’ Funny how Fate has a way of hearing things you’d rather keep to yourself. Murphy’s in action i guess. Anyway, end result being, me off with bag and baggage to Uncle Sam’s land.
And now….it’s one year down the line. Have been through the good, bad, and i guess, the ugly. Don’t really know how i have changed in that time, or if i have changed at all. if its been for better or for worse. if i have grown more independent from staying alone, or more mature, or more confident, or…Not to say its been all bad though. Family can never be replaced, but there are some substitutions which come close. Good roommates help, and, touch wood, i am blessed with some really good ones. And there was always someone around to help me when i needed it. And have visited places and done fun things with friends too.All in all, a year to look back on and think. And wonder what the next will bring.