You’d have thought starting a blog is as easy as pie (eating it, not making it). I’d say you were right. It’s the continuing of it that’s difficult. If I had a penny for the number of times I have sat down to write something only to give it up, I’d be rich. If I were in the UK, that is. Pennies don’t count for much in this country. End result? I’m neither rich nor writing. I can now understand what writers mean when they say they have to submit a weekly article and the words just won’t flow. No, don’t ask me how I know any writers.

To put my dilemma across more clearly, here’s a list of topics I thought I’d write on today –

  •  the weather outside (very cold)

  •  the (rather delayed) spring(?) cleaning(??) I commenced.

  •  how boring it is to stay alone (a lot)

  •  a review of a movie I watched (not a bad one)

And you can thank your stars I didn’t choose any of the above. I don’t possess either the flair for writing to make these mundane topics even vaguely interesting, nor the self-deluding ability to think that I do. And I don’t know whose loss I regret more.Image

What I chose to write about instead, is nothing. As you can probably see.

And now that I have put pen to paper about pretty much nothing at all, I am wondering how to finish it. You can’t truly finish what you never really started.

So I think I’ll just leave it hanging. Maybe to be continued at some later point in time, when I am still stuck for things to write. Image