What would you think if you came across these words (as i did on an official document)? Ignore them and continue whatever you were doing? Or pause for a moment and do exactly that? Think liquid.
I had no choice. My mind built a beautiful panorama for me in which words and images came together.
Images of liquid. thundering, cascading down waterfalls. dripping into containers drop by drop. glopping against the walls of its confines. sloshing into a tub. pattering as rain drops against a window-pane. lapping at your feet as small waves on a beach. going down your throat to wet a parched land. swishing into high arcs as you drove through puddles on the road. creating a wall around you as you took a nose-dive on a water-ride.
Words describing liquid. splash. froth. fizz. moisten. gurgle. trickle. gush. effervesce. bubble.
And along with these came evocative sounds. Ranging from the near-silent to the near-deafening. from those which you could be forgiven for thinking you had imagined them to those unimaginably loud. Little ‘pichik-pichik’ sounds made by your wet sandals in the rains. the roar made by river-rapids over which you couldnt hear anyone without shouting.
And the smells. of dry earth soaking up the rains. of dried leaves falling into clean, fresh streams. the fragrance of scented oils.
And so much more, i haven’t words enough for all of it.
Me, i have a love affair with water.