A group of us friends had dinner, and after that started discussing something, which has escaped me for the moment. As sure as one thing leads to another, we found ourselves talking about our engineering days…those 4 years at the end of which we called ourselves B.E. in whatever field. 

Talk about walking down memory lane! Reminiscing  about that time, when all we did was timepass (as it seems now), right from day one. And all but wasted those 4 years. What we learned was not in the curriculum. The curriculum itself, we didn’t learn. Of what we studied was only with the intent to clear the exam. When the only worries looming large on our horizons were those of how to clear the next paper, the next viva. And boy, did those seem magnified! Of how we used to hang out more at the local xerox shop than anyplace else. How we used to learn the names of prescribed books before vivas (note – not the contents though). How we used to do lukkhagiri on the college steps, sometimes even in the classroom itself. How we honed the copying of assignments into a fine art, working at it even in the bus, train, wherever. How our study leave used to be spent attending crash courses. And ofcourse, running between the different classes in different parts of the city. Staying awake unearthly hours to pore over notes, sometimes squinting to make out the words in those oft-xeroxed and faded ones. Of giving exams, all the while keeping a running count to see if you were past the 40-mark yet. Spending the pracs goofing around, and then cursing yourself during the pracs exam. Staying awake nights at college fests. Sneaking out to the chinese joint outside the college for a quick bite..and then settling there for ages. Of giving each other quick synopses of entire chapters before exams. Discussing papers after exams. Falling asleep studying. Waking up 5 minutes later with the cold realisation that you still had so many pages to read in 1 hour if you wanted to have a slim chance of even passing. How we raved and ranted and cribbed about people, profs, the princi, just about any damn person.
And how all of this shaped us, moulded us.  How we learned when to talk, when to shut up(important skill, you wanted to get your assignments & journals checked, didn’t you?), bargain, negotiate, wheedle, maska-marofy and a lot more things. And how all of this was fun, even if it seems so only on hindsight.
Man, i could write a book about this.
Those were the good ol’ days alright.