Experienced a ‘first’, of sorts, today. It snowed last night….not too much to make it unbearable, not too less to make it melt upon touching earth. Just enough. The first snow of the season. The type they show in movies – soft as cotton candy and very comfy-looking. Well…i am deviating from my point here. That was not the ‘first’.
It was just enough snow to make a perfect powdery covering on everything. Including my car. And for the first time i cleared snow off my car(first car, by the way). Nothing like it to make you feel like a proud owner – which was somehow lacking till now. i had cleared snow off friends’ cars last winter, and this was totally different. i felt exhilarated…though i am at a loss to explain why. It is nobody’s (least of all – mine) idea of fun to stand in the cold and brush the snow off cars. And i know this is a chore i will tire of, soon. Verrrrry soon. When it gets much more cold.
But today; it was brilliant.