Sitting on my couch, staring out through the glass at the road beyond. Seeing everything, yet nothing in particular. The occasional car zipping down the road. The odd jet streaking across the faded-blue sky, it’s fast dissipating contrail dividing the sky in two. The birds flitting across the lawn, and from tree to tree. Funny that – i don’t remember seeing so many birds in the spring or summer. they come out only during this time, the transition from fall to winter. i can see the setting sun from where i sit (wow, was that some alliteration). It lacks all warmth, yet is so welcome in the winter. The scene outside is cold, yet not bleak. There are a thousand unfinished tasks waiting for me. i am bored, yet not bored, if you can understand the paradox.
i have to do something, else i will go crazy.
And if that doesn’t explain this post, nothing will.