I feel this overwhelming urge to escape. From the daily routines and monotony. Just want to get up and go. Somewhere. Anywhere. The destination is not important, the getting away is. It’s funny – this feeling. Never ever have I felt like this while at home, in India. Ever since I came to the US, this mood hits me every couple of months. A restlessness which is akin to being bitten by the travel bug. And the only solution to getting that restlessness out of my system is making a trip.
At the end of every such trip, I vow to myself – I won’t make another trip for the next 3-4 months, don’t want to see the airport even. Catch me 2 months down the line from then, and I’ll probably be singing a different tune. Image
And all the more surprising is the fact that I have just returned from a month long vacation, a rejuvenating, relaxing trip home. And yet within such a short time, away I want to go again.
Hope I get to go away. Don’t be surprised to see snaps of another place here within a fortnight. Image