Ever looked closely at inter-personal relations? Nothing is as it seems at first glance. People you think are real chummy with each other, in reality, aren’t. A glass which appears smooth reveals fine cracks on closer inspection. Not enough to shatter it, it will hold its own. But not so less as to call it an unbroken whole. ‘Friends’ take potshots at each other, behind each others backs all the time, with a vim which makes you think Brutus was introducing a new fashion when he back-stabbed. If it’s not behind the back, it’s to the face, a leg-pulling, to which if any objections are raised, the objector is branded a spoilsport. So the unwritten protocol is to take something at face value with a laugh, and return it with vengeance when those people aren’t around.

do pal milte hain, saath saath chalte hain….
jab mod aayi to, bachke nikalte hain.

Is absolutely everyone like this? Selfish to their own ends, no matter what the means to achieve it? Seek fun when you want, and ‘bye’ without a backward glance when it’s over? I know we are talking about humans here, and human tendency is not to be truly unselfish. However, having said that, what do people get from this at the end of the day? The satisfaction that they spent the day in the company of so many friends, they weren’t lonesome anytime? That they had a good time overall? Doesn’t it ever pall, good times without any foundation, shallowness, the very act of laughing and talking an artifice? Given a chance, they’d do it over and over.
And it’s perfectly fine to act like this, no one’s expecting you to be be good. Your unworldliness is jeered at, and you come out the worst for behaving like an innocent.

Is everyone true only to themselves? Or even to themselves?