As it always happens when you have reached a nadir, something happens to restore your faith. These are admittedly not the right words for a self-proclaimed pessimist to use, but it’s true. 
To bring it into context, I was getting discouraged by my attempts at blogging. Oh, sure, lots of people have been telling me I write well enough, and even I admit I can turn a neat phrase or two. But it’s not the same as keeping at it, regularly, with a variety of topics to interest not only yourself, but also those reading it. And the unsurprising scarcity of comments made me wonder if I was even successfully getting my point across. Was thinking of giving it up entirely. Then along came a friend and boosted my nearly- deflated spirit with a few well-chosen words. It was just the shot-in-the-arm that I needed.

Thanks a zillion Harji!!