…One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Just finished reading this book (penned by Ken Kesey). And i have to say i have never read anything like it. It packs in a whammy, a punch to the guts etc etc. I can use a lot more hackneyed terms, but i still can’t exactly describe the effect its had on me. It is a story of a mental ward, its inmates and the world (which for them is restricted to the ward and the hospital), as seen through their eyes. It makes you realise there is so much we take for granted, seeking comfort in its very normality, and how it all appears to those with ‘different abilities’. How, in their opinion, they don’t think of themselves as lunatics. They just perceive things differently from how ‘normal and sane’ people do, which categorizes them immediately as crazies and loonies. And how, at the end of it, they do not worry about the conventional societal norms of black and white, and do just what they feel is right.

A book highly recommended by me. Go ahead and read it, it makes you step beyond your normal boundaries of thinking.