I feel like i am stuck in a quagmire. Time is churning ever so slowly around me. The amount of lethargy generated is unbelievable. It kills any residual spark of activity. The temptation to just lie there and do nothing is infinite. The infinitesimal pricking of the conscience, to get up, to do something worthwhile, goes unheeded. The voice of that self-same conscience flies out of the window like an unseen and unheard songbird, whose melody is something you become aware of only in its absence. The lassitude doesn’t extend to thoughts though. They swirl in and out of my mind, sometimes connected like a streak, sometimes disjoint like a dashed line. They flow along new planes, drawing various images, some seen and recognised; some utterly new. All the while redefining existing concepts, putting the ‘same old same old’ in a new light. Making you open your mouth in wonder and think “why didn’t i see it like this before? This explains everything.”
Whilst your world is being revolutionized by this upheaval, the cosmos continues its existence around you. It is barely impeded, and not at all hindered, by your consciousness, your thoughts, the storm raging within you. The normal flow of life continues following its dizzy course, with nary a glance in your direction. After all, you are a speck in the universe.