He sat in the car. Waiting. Watching. He rested his head against the window, and watched as his breath fogged the pane. He lazily stretched out a finger and drew random shapes on the misted glass. Then, looking at what he’d drawn, he found it was not so random after all. He’d depicted what was going on in his mind. He allowed himself a small smile before rubbing the glass clean with a tissue.
She sure was taking a long time coming down tonight. He knew her schedule, and every activity well enough. After all, he’d watched her like a hawk for so long. He’d timed everything down to the perfect second, leaving no room at all for any nasty surpises to elbow their way in. Now he wished she wouldn’t make him wait too long. He was already feeling cramped sitting in, and wished to get out and stretch his legs. That would spoil the whole game though. If she saw him, or knew he was waiting…
He left the engine idling – not that he hoped to make a quick getaway soon after. If he knew her, it would be anything but quiet. There would be a scene, and he hated scenes. He was feeling idiotic enough, hunkering down as he was inside the car, scrunching himself down so people would not see him. He cursed himself for having this idea in the first place. He almost stretched out his hand towards the wheel for turning back, when the foyer door opened. And she stepped out. Damn! Why was she walking her dogs? They were an unecessary hindrance, and didn’t fit into the plan any which way. Plus there was no way they could fit into the car later. But it was too late for such thoughts. What had to be done, had to be done. The dogs would have to accomodate.
He slipped his hand inside his pocket, hoping against hope she would not scream when she saw what was in his hand. Opening the car door, he stepped out in front of her. She started. He put out his hand in front of her.
“Happy Birthday Sweetheart. Will you marry me?”