Soft as sifting sands. Cool to the touch as snow. With vibrant colours competing the very rainbow’s. Slightly fragrant -with its very unique smell- if cached for long. On the slightly heavier side. Very long..really, whole yards of it. Unwieldy and unmanageable, especially for first-timers. Cumbersome if you were unacquainted with it. But if you were; very very graceful. Sensuous in fact. Emitting a soothing swishing sound at times. Not at all floppy, no. You wouldn’t even want it that way! It would lose all identity and form if not for that little, necessary stiffness. Taken out and used sometimes only on those rarest of ocassions, then bedazzling many, creating a spell with its resplendent aura.

A delight to many- to behold, to own, to preen, to hoard. In the olden days, maybe even to barter. A simply superb specimen,resulting from the fusion of the work of humble nature and the skills of ingenious man.

Known otherwise as a silk saree. And a sight dearly missed by me these days.