I am sitting in the midst of the holi mess (Did i hear ‘unholy mess’?). A spray of carpet cleaner liquid, oven cleaner liquid (and for good measure – a tile cleaner), along with a roll of paper and a scrubber surround me. They are picked up by turns, applied with a vigourous energy which does nothing to the cause at hand. And are again discarded. The gulal colours the kitchen tiles a cheery pink. There’s some green on the walls. And i have a pink-spotted carpet in my apartment now. Red carpets are so out. An old ad from Nerolac Paints flashes into my mind. The cleaning-up part is really bad, but playing holi was so much fun.
It’s already sunday evening. The normal weekend chores have not been touched, and lie hiding in a corner of my mind. I know they lurk there, but i do not wish to consciously think. That will only make me drop what i am doing and rush, panicky, to the other tasks. A pointless thing, as neither will get completed. Random thoughts flit through my mind, while my hand continues its work mechanically -Spray, scrub, wipe. Repeat. Another work-week starts tomorrow. My mind numbs at the thought. Hell, wasn’t it friday yesterday?
Someone please tell me where saturday and sunday went!