Going thru’ my mind right about now.

*The inside of my head is not a pretty place to be in.

*Neither is the outside world!

*Do all the employees of all the watch shops adjust all the watches in the shop to spring forward and fall back in accordance with DST changes? Gosh, but what a waste of time!

*Why is the human race searching for ETs, trying to establish contact with them? No seriously, what if they turn out to be exactly as shown in scary movies? Critters, anyone?

*In that case, can we sue the corresponding movie writers/producers?

*There should be a law banning random people from asking “How you doin’?” and then leaving before you can get one word out of your mouth in reply.

*It’s so hard to remember chemical formulae which you pored over years ago. What, for example ..is the formula for sodium bicarbonate. Or methyl alcohol. Ask me why i am trying to remember. See if you get an answer!

*It should be possible to selectively tune out people (kinda like changing a radio station) who talk at or above a particular frequency. Or a certain volume. Or in a certain tone. The possibilities are endless.

*Starbucks has a coffee blend called ‘Komodo Dragon something something’ with a ‘Bold’ intensity. Whoa! Easy there, baby…

*And this is just about killing me. What does JK Rowling mean by ‘..the Deathly Hallows’. Quick, before i die of puzzlement.

P.S. I will be back with more thoughts. Just in case you were wondering.