. the bell ringing when the teacher asks you to stand up
. the last bus trundling into sight when you thought you’d missed it
. getting a toe-hold grip onto the Andheri train when you are already late for work
. finding a solitary xerox shop open late at night, the night before your assignment’s due
. Deciding to meet up a friend someplace, to find that the place’s closed. Meeting up anyway and discovering a better place tucked away in a niche
. clearing an exam paper – Score 41
. having a friend cover an awkward pause for you in a conversation
.locating a familiar face in a strange crowd
. finding a coin in the very depths of your purse for extending the phone call by one last minute, when you are on the point of saying ‘bye’
. a formidable, yet friendly-looking aunty coming into sight on a deserted railway platform
. getting scared out of your wits hearing a strange and apparently unaccountable sound coming from the inner room, and finding out it was only the furniture creaking

Such are the things lifesavers are made of!