this country with its contrasts. with its nasal twangs and strange vowels. with its freezing winters and sizzling summers. with its sporadic rains and heavy snows. with its elevators instead of lifts. with its sidewalks not footpaths. with its artificial smiles. with its omnipresent taco bells and soft drinks. with its evergreen malls. with its leafless fall, and flowerless spring. with its goodnight when its evening. with its coffee and cappuchino and frappuchino with no mention of tea. with its school buses and stop signs. with its varying speed limits and speeding tickets.with its immense self-importance and selfless charity drives. with its eight-hour weekdays and strictly no-work weekends. with its umpteen rules and regulations. with its 10 different variety of only potatoes. with its array of chain-stores, each a clone of the other. with its similar looking neighbourhoods, transplanted across cities and states. so you are often lost, and ironically, never lost. with a variety of organisations for the needy or poor, animals or others. with its voicemails and airtime minutes. with its food fascinations and weight-watching. with its car dependencies and people-less walks. with its beautiful christmas. with its pumped-up tourism and places to go. with its immigrants and locals. with its bewildering road network. with its long weekends and short workdays. with its paranoia about most things foreign. with its friendliness and reserve. with its expensive education and medicals. with its freedom, and past history of slavery. with its time meddling to save the daylight. with its under-patronised extensive, beautiful public library system. with its young money to splurge on everything and a day to celebrate every ocassion. or an ocassion to celebrate every day.

i dont know if i love it or hate it.