Read this early in the morning. and was horrified on more than one count.
Firstly, the use of the ‘TCS’ name in the headline. i can imagine similar news, in an earlier time, being printed as Girl killed by lover and maybe somewhere in the article itself, nestled this fact She worked in TCS. i cannot fathom why it was used as part of the headline. was it to grab a few more eye-balls? or to say ‘oh look she worked here’ . or merely to emphasize the fact that she could be me or you, as in ‘the victim was a member of an educated, working class..against whom such crimes rarely(?) occur. she could be one of you. hell, she could be you!!‘ wait..maybe that’s what they wanted to convey!
The other thing was the peppering of ‘orkut-facts’ throughout. She had n scraps and n fans and n friends. this guy was on her friends list. she had written so-and-so about him. what, if at all anything, do they want to prove through this? that she was very popular? does the crime change if a person is more, or for that matter less, popular? does it have a different impact on those concerned? (forget the impact on the my mind, he is always the silent observer/common man from r.k.laxman) and again, who’s to say that nugget of (mis)information on orkut is a fact? what do they intend to convey by basing their news on that? is it ‘acceptance’ of the online revolution sweeping across swaths of indian youngsters? or is it again that ‘attention-grabbing’ at work? mommas everywhere will tell their kids..see, orkut is unsafe, dont use it. governments and social organisations will file more complaints, asking for orkut to be banned. more hype, fed by myths generated by the press, resulting in more copies sold, resulting in …
value for money, dearies.. that is what makes the world go round.
And again, the blatant stating of facts like ‘she stayed with A,B,C at D apt on E road’. as if her roommates wouldn’t have had to cope with enough grief on her death, they would need to deal with the additional and unnecessary press coverage which this must have given them. not to mention people looking at them, and asking questions every moment they step out, wondering which among them has another dangerous boyfriend who can visit the locality at odd hours, suspicious (and scared) neighbours closing the doors on their faces.
Is there no mercy anymore? or has the press just stooped this much? or has it always been like this and i have realised this now?

Either way, not my morning cup of tea, this.

Addendum – There is no intention on my part to trivialise the actual event itself. it remains, like any other crime, uncondoned. whatever the facts might have been.