It throws you for a toss when you realise that people close friends don’t know you as well as you thought.
It’s the end of the day, and i am still shaken by the above realisation. I wish we could communicate like those octupus-thingie aliens in the ‘Rama’ series, with our thoughts splashed all over the head in rolling, glorious multicoloured bands. Would help me. Atleast i wouldn’t get to hear “i don’t really know you that well”.
And i’d also like if i could be aided in making decisions by means of huge, arrow-shaped, blue-coloured neon signs pointing towards a particular decision and saying “choose me”. I don’t mean to say i make bad decisions, it’s just that i dislike making them at all. A perfect example of my brain going into overdrive and thinking out all possible pros and cons, implausible scenarios, every single thing which may or may not happen, weighing each out and agonising what it means.
Sad, huh?