This took a lot of soul-searching. Wasnt easy, i tell you.

8 things i am thankful for
  1. my family; even if saying so sounds trite.
  2. my friends. spread geographically over quite a few countries. love you all, and miss you like crazy.
  3. my reading habit. i pity those who dont even try.
  4. my new-found ability to write. agreed it aint great, but its something.
  5. a curiosity which makes me want to travel, want to find out whats beyond that corner, want to find out how things work, why things are the way they are. unfortunately, that curiosity falls under both intelligence and stupidity.
  6. the humour in most situations in life. some of which i can fortunately glimpse, even though most are missed.
  7. the chances and oppurtunities given to me, whether i deserve them or no.
  8. animated movies, and the brew called tea.

8 things i wish for
  1. the ability to make friends easily. i take time, and its a painful process more often than not.
  2. a bit more maturity. i am told often i am way beyond my age already, but i am not really. inside, i am just a seething mass of contradictions and confusions and questions.
  3. to be (more) un-selfconscious in whatever i do.
  4. a devil-may-care attitude for myself.
  5. a little more grey matter. maybe. or just the ability to utilise my current one more. After all, what use is a head if you won’t use it!
  6. the chance to space-travel. wild and wishful thinking. so what if its not possible in this lifetime!
  7. a violin. Random wish, really; seeing as i don’t even know the basics of music.
  8. i wonder …

8 things i do not want/am happy without
  1. random comments coming from people who barely know me. it gets me everytime. if they do want to judge, they should try themselves first.
  2. hypocrisy. a little less of it please.
  3. 3+ hour movies, be they oh-so-engrossing. Less, is more.
  4. the game of cricket. abolish it someone, there was never anything more pointless. oh, possibly with the exception of golf.
  5. long and drawn-out winters, stretching over 5 months and bringing endless snow and cold weather.oh for sunnier climes.
  6. eve-teasing. esp. prevalent in my homeland, am sorry to admit.
  7. Cockroaches. One word’s enough to sum up all my feelings – eeeeekkkks!! (i once read a story about how it’s the colour which is uggghh, and how green, or blue ‘roaches wouldnt be so icky. My feelings are unchanged, ‘coz colour it how will, even a transparent ‘roach would be ugghh.
  8. add flying ‘roaches to the above list, and you have it all.
  9. ok, since i cheated and the point above should in reality be 7.b, here’s one more – Coding in the ‘C’ Language {And i am being really really honest here}

and oh, happy birthday to me.

i did try to write all this seriously enough, but me being me, it descended into the realms of flippancy, triviality and irreverance and slowly transmuted into a list of likings and pet peeves. well, cant be helped.