Was on the listening end of a funny phone conversation recently. I called up my med-care insurance helpline to report that i was still without an ID card from them. Reproduced here is the original unabridged version (fyi, FunnyGal is her, not me. 😛 )

FunnyGal : This is Carol from … How can i help you?

IrateGal : Hi, i have a small problem. i am an employee of … (Duh, i signed an NDA. You expect me to reveal the name??) i haven’t recived my ID card till date, though i  updated my address in your records a month back, and sent follow-up emails.

FunnyGal : Can you tell me your em-plllloy-eeeee id? (She sang out the last word in a lil tune.)

IrateGal : Yes, it is …

FunnyGal : Can you please confirm your primary address?

IrateGal : (Lil confused now) Er..you want my email address? (Oh man! Why do i have so many email IDs? Which one does she want??)

FunnyGal : Home address. Yes. Do you have a home? Uh hmm. (The last part was said with the quiet self-confidence of a person asking all the right questions)

LittleLessIrateGal : (Press ‘mute’, laugh hard, ‘unmute’) Yes, i do. (Do they think me a destitute living on the streets, but rich enough to invest in a medical plan? Damn!)

Address confirmation done. Back to conv.

FunnyGal : Yes, that is the correct address, thank you. pause. Are you feeling well? ( i have no clue where that came from. i wanted to ask her that question, as she was speaking all the while in a tinny, high, sing-song voice).

LittleLessIrateGal : (mute, laugh, unmute process again) yes i am, thank you. hope you are doing well too.

FunnyGal : yes, miss K…we will send you a second (second?? do they count from two? what about the 1st one?) card soon. You should receive it in 5 working days. pause. mind you, dont include the weekend. count 5 working weekdays. Is there anything else i can do for you?

LittleLessIrateGal : (i don’t think so) no that’s all.

FunnyGal : (voice brightened up..she might have wanted to get back to her singing schedule which had been interrupted by my phone call . cloth-headed,undiscerning me.) alright, thank you for calling. you have a good day. bye then.

Phone hung up, i looked around to see no one was looking(i was in the office, me dearies) and laughed heartily for a full 5 minutes.

Point i want to make? Laughter is indeed the best medicine..no ID cards required!