Read this.
I can foresee a very scary future, when Ekta Kapoor will take over the entire television industry of all countries. No language will be a barrier for her. Her actors (and will their tribe increase? Oh yes, you bet!) will intone dialogues in all dialects, with as minium facial expressions as possible. I see hi-society housewives the world over -okay okay, before anyone accuses me of class distinctions, let me correct myself- housewives across all financial strata the world over will be sipping their afternoon teas (or coffees. or anything else) and remarking on the lastest twist in the tale of their favo(u)rite soap. Forget Baywatch, K-Watch will become the new phenomenon. Her serials will ofcourse not forget their humble origins, and will bear names true to character. The following are very plausible names now – Klick; Kan’t you see they are made for each other?; Kan we be ever apart?; Kwite the love story; Koz i live in your eyes; Killbert Cottage; Kan do won’t do; Kirk came late for the pooja….my imagination runs amok here. Take your pick folks. 😀
The stories will also be based strictly on the country of telecast. So you will have bikini babes as bahus, local hunks as sons, hip and stylish grannies as (i am at a loss…) grannies? They will all play tennis together, take out food together from McDee’s, bump into each other at the local pub and so on. I am curious though, will shooting in foreign locales in this case, mean shooting in India? Hmm.

With such a Krisp and Knuckle-headed takeover of the idiot box, my only advice is ……All ye sane people, run for kover..i mean, cover.