Beware all ye die hard Harry potter fans, i am about to commit serious blasphemy here, so turn back now lest your eyes and ears shrivel as though targetted by a well-aimed hex…

All said and done, the last book of THE series is a serious let down. I think dear JK Rowling watched a good 2 or 3 heavy bollywood potboilers and at the end of it, her cup of feelings ran over into her pen. The 1 book does more campaigning and championing for the Bollywood cause than those rolling swiss alps or multicoloured dupattas or those simpering, doe-eyed heroines.You have the super-triumvirate in the book- pyar, wafaa, qurbani. Not to mention double-crossing, full fledged war, love triangles, soppy maudlin sentimentality, faith, loyalty, jealousy, remorse. At the backbone of which is the super-tried and tested good vs evil angle. And yeah…..there’s also good ol’ resurrection interspersed with drama unending to give the tv soaps a run for their froth.Also typical of the standard hindi movies is the bumping off of people without apparent cause  – 1st Ch, bump him off, 2nd Ch, two more, 3rd Ch oh, are they still alive? and so on(ok, maybe she had a point, to rid the tale of the dead-weight of characters which couldn’t lend more reason to the story), the narration of past history by antagonist to protagonist (or vice versa) before the climax. then there are bhoots and also a ‘bees saal baad’ scene, and the requisite number of people turning over a good leaf. And also plain old hero-giri….”sacrifice to save the world.”

In the end, you have a feeling of sitting through a fast-paced, action packed movie which doesnt bother to go slow for the viewers benefit, instead rushes through with the only intention of reaching the climax, letting its actions and stunts speak for themselves. which unfortunately, fall below the precedent set by the earlier books. Who cares if Ron can suddenly speak Parseltongue, or Harry can hurl out the Unforgivable curses with extreme proficiency, if it all helps in the end?

Rowling sadly, sadly disappoints in this most awaited of books. i just wish Hermione would rise up from the pages and cast a charm to erase what’s been written. There’s always a second chance, eh?