In case you are under the correct impression that i have totally forgotten this blog, let me confund you – i totally remember this blog every single minute, and keep thinking of juicy little tidbits with which to spice it up. unfortunately, i also end up filtering them so that, sadly, none end up here. That accounts for the no-updates-look this page has been sporting since the last month (protected-post notwithstanding – you didn’t get to read it, means it’s not really there anyway. )
And to give other reasons their own five nanoseconds of fame, i have been busy. Doing nothing in particular, but if you look at it from another angle, doing a lot of things in general. These are all the updates i have (and maybe it’s also my own way of saying sorry to my blog ..and my readers :P)

The madness of the above type (currently) results from a reading of ‘Going Postal’. It’s awesome, amongst other things like madness-inducing. 😀