Patches of dense vegetation look exactly like clumps of broccoli. Close to landing, sunlight glints off car windows on the road. A sparkle here, a shimmer there, reminiscent of the sand glitters on a beach. At the airport, there are people so hung with luggage, wheels and trolleys might be useful to move them. When up there in the clouds, a solitary sun-ray comes in through the window with the express intention of being your own personal sunshine.* With special compliments from the sun*. A solitary sparrow perches on a roof beam way inside the airport, probably thinking of taking flights of fancy. Up from the clouds again, all the land looks pretty uniform, one city could be another (excepting some famous landmarks ofcourse). Neatly divided cities neighbour tiny villages of green. All disparities seem lost when seen from above.
It’s all equal, when you are up in the air.

I wonder how the earth looks like from space.