Gleaned from personal experience and observation.

. You can get to know someone more in 1 yr than others whom you have known for 4.
. You can stop liking someone, but you can never really stop caring for them.
. Conversely, you can hate someone with all your might, but if they go through a bad phase, you still pity them.
. You can bare all your secrets to anyone, or confess anything you want, but for the post-confession time, no one can wipe your tears better than  your mom.
. You can wear your heart on your sleeve all day, and for some people it’s like part of your clothing, for others, it’s a prop to use to their advantage. For yet others, it’s something that brings you closer.
. You can wish away to glory that some people move out of certain ruts, and you can push them all you want, but they aren’t going to budge until they convince themselves of the fact they need to move.
. And on a lighter note, pure happiness can be achieved in bursts; to be happy all the freakin’ time, you need to be a saint or something. 😀