I got tagged by Galadriel to list my favourite Books by Indian authors. Now, my disclaimer is that i really haven’t any favourites. No, not because I’m impartial and all that, but because i haven’t read too many. Out of the few i have, these are some i liked:

Salaam, Paris by Kavita Daswani ~ Random book picked from the library.

Best Of Laxman by R.K. Laxman ~ Ok, it’s technically not a novel. But i love it anyway. A collection of his masterpieces.

An Equal Music by Vikram Seth ~ A book i read ages ago. Have forgotten all about it, except the fact that i liked it.

Speedpost: Letters to My Children about Living, Loving, Caring and Coping with the World by Shobha De ~ I must be crazy to list this. But, as i found to my surprise, it exceeded my expectations (so what if they were low?).

Can’t really think of any others. Do want to read Maximum City though.

Tagging anyone else? Well, anyone who wants to …feel free. 🙂