A sure-fire way of breaching the intercontinental divide and crossing the great oceans is to dunk New-York style Bagel Crisps into a steaming cup of masala tea, homemade. Ah bliss.


Been blog surfing a lot the past couple of days (a lot – means more than i usually do). And found some really good ones whose archives i have pored over, page after page. It feels good in a way, to read some blogs which so touch your soul. It could be the beginning of some good friendships (dotcomrades as Rayshma calls it). The link that launched a thousand friendships, maybe?


It’s said that the world’s growing smaller these days. Originally coined for the real world, i think it’s the truth for the virtual one too. There are so many blogs out there, which if you trawl long enough, lead you back to others you know through someplace else. Everyone knowing the other, comments from the same people across all blogs. You do bump into the same people virtual personas across different domains. Similarly for social networks, IM lists, mail groups.

And yet, there’s enough space for everyone to be themselves and not be cramped by this ‘growing small’ business.


i have saved myself the trouble of thinking up titles for, maybe, four different posts by clubbing them together here. There, i have exposed my blogger’s knuckle (a kind of cousin to Achilles heel) – my inability to think of lucid, meaningful and relevant titles for posts. I am sometimes done with an entire post in 5 minutes, from conception to typing it, and yet it languishes in my ‘drafts’ for months ‘coz i can’t think of a suitable title.  

Please to be giving me hints and tips and tricks on how y’all manage this. I will be your humble servant forever. And since that doesn’t really mean anything, i also will stop by and comment on every post you put up. 😛