And so, as the year changes from seven to eight,and the calendar is flipped to another page, i turn to writing again, to mark my words, hopes and dreams. After all, what better place in which to do it.

So i fell asleep last night (the wee hours of the morning, more like), after partying more than ever before, on a pillow replete with good intentions and sturdy resolutions, dreaming of keeping that pillow intact for the entire year. Only time will tell how soon that pillow frays, for fray it will.

Woke up to find fat, white, juicy flakes kissing the air. New year or not, nature and the weather certainly don’t let the show stop. It’s back to the grind again from the 2nd, after a relaxing last week of the year. I know i have become a bit wiser as the year progressed, even though “wiser” came with it’s own companion “older”. I am not sure if i really like that combination, but i’ll take it.

Coming to the point – Here’s to the opening of a fresh new page, for you, for me, to write on it what we will. Hope we all write wisely and well.  

And if i seem to be rambling, atleast, that trait of mine hasn’t changed. 🙂