I walked into a room, and sensed that the conversation lowered in volume and eventually stopped. I know it wasn’t about me, for i had overheard some of it. A year ago, i would have been saddened at the thought that my friends couldn’t say whatever they were saying in front of me, would have been angry that they didn’t consider me a confidante, and so on. I would have been on a roll, so to speak. And am i glad to realise that it hasn’t affected me at all today. So glad infact, that i decided to blog about it. πŸ˜€

Another thing i realised –i keep using this word; note to self: look up thesaurus– is i had wished last year to be ‘more unselfconscious in what i do’ and so i am now. I am not fully there yet, but i am on my way. I sing/hum without a care, when i want to, knowing i am mostly off key, and that people around might be either looking for cotton ear buds or wishing that i restrict my diva moments for when i am in the shower.

Looks like the devil-may-care attitude may finally be setting in. πŸ˜€