..due to the warmer weather, and so did the couch. You must believe me.

Our couch outlived its usefulness, and we decided it had to part ways with us. Due to the snow and cold weather, we moved it to the patio as the first stop before its final destination of the garbage dump. In time we forgot about it, ‘coz you see, blinds aren’t opened much during winter anyway. One month passed and the couch remained in situ, surrounded by little piles of snow. One fine day, i came home from work to find the room filled with light. Thought bubble went – Hurrah. The days are growing longer again. The snow is melting away. Yayayay.. Enter right – roommate. With a puzzled look – Did you ask anyone to move the couch when we weren’t home? The penny drops – Oh the couch is missing? That’s why there’s so much light!!!

Next question – Where did it go? Where do couches go when they get tired of the scenery? As we learnt in school, Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. So the couch exists, somewhere. That ‘somehwere’ ‘somewhere’ could be on the other side of this universe, but it exists. By simple deduction; my patio minus 1 couch equals some other patio plus 1 couch. Where an innocent patio must have been, holding only a few flower-pots (maybe) and no couches (hopefully), there is now an addition of a tan, sagging, aging couch.

I can only hope the people who call the patio their own have accepted the appearance of a couch on their patio with as much equanimity as i have accepted the disappearance of a couch from mine.