Tagged by Rayshma to ‘write about the one material possession that i absolutely cherish.’ Like i said, tough. No one object holds that distinction. Nor does it mean that i have given up all material comforts. I do have possessions which i cherish, and here they are.

1. My car – probably my costliest purchase till date, and the most valued due to the same reason. i don’t easily trust others with my car, only a select few. Also is my first car, bought with my own money, and after a long and arduous research spanning over more than a month.

2. My ‘Snow-white’ Disney watch – my first ever ‘proper’ watch, with the seven dwarfs at the center and snow-white going round them all the time. I outgrew that watch eventually, but it’s still not thrown away. (Did i ever mention i love watches?)

3. All my books, and especially these – A set of James Herriot’s gifted by my sis and jiju for my birthday, and a ‘Yes Prime Minister’ gifted on my birthday by a dear friend from halfway across the world.

4. Any clothing or object i have ever borrowed from my sis – Read this for a more succint explanation of the reasons than i could ever hope to give.

Well, that about covers it. I am sure i am missing many things here, but i faithfully promise to update this soon as i remember. 🙂