I had a movie moment today. No, i wasn’t being pursued by paparazzi who were clicking away furiously. I mean the movie action scenes where stunts are pulled off. Like a helicopter (or strange and unexpectedly huge paraphernalia) falling on to a busy freeway and the hero manoeuvering his car expertly through the debris or from under the falling meteor (can call it that, no?) to freedom.

Well, before your wild imaginations sprint away, this is not what happened either. The car i was in was on the fastest lane on the freeway, when a huge trailer came up alongside. Okay, no big deal, happens. But what doesn’t, or shouldn’t happen is that there is another trailer in the slowest lane, which this one is trying to overtake and in that attempt is going faster than us. So while accelerating, a huge (i mean HUGE) slab of snow falls sideways from the roof of the trailer, directly in our lane, where we will reach in 2 milliseconds. It’s snow, so it mostly shatters into powder on hitting the ground, though some chunks fly up and hit our windscreen. It’s so fast we can’t do anything to avoid it, and we are so shaken we don’t even honk at the trailer.

Thank God nothing happened to us or the car. Now, had it been ice…….