And totally funny.

We’re looking for a Full-Time .NET Developer with a passion for coding with “srsly gud” .NET expertise. You will make the intarwebs a better tube for millions as we expand the capability and awsumness of our sites. We offer flexible hours, a great work environment, health benefits and freedom from the tyranny of spelllcheck.

The One and Only Technical Requirement:

A deep, deep, deep understanding of developing, deploying and managing customer-facing web sites using ASP.NET (using C#), SQLServer and IIS. We need .NET developers who have been working with the .NET (ASP.NET, IIS and SQLServer) for years and years and years (like at least 5).
Experience with AJAX is a real plus.
Bonus Skillz:

All your bases must belong to you
Cannot have lost the game
Can make the cake a reality

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