So i read this sometime ago and thought “Well, it’s good she didn’t tag me coz i don’t really have any death-defying incidents to write about.”
Then today, some of us were discussing the terrible weather going on the past week – well, i am sure it’s not terrible for all..might be loved by – say penguins, but i digress. after the snow and ice and wind talk turned to mumbai rains and the flooding of 26th july 2005. Then i found myself thinking – Coming out of that incident alive and safe and in one piece was no mean feat. Though walking from seepz(andheri) to dadar may be accomplished easily by mumbai marathon-ers, its not easy when the way is filled with waist (and often chest) high water and there are no lights; when there are very few means and opportunities of communicating with your loved ones, or telling them you are safe and there are people with you, or of knowing how they are faring. When a distance that’s often travelled in less than 2 hrs takes you more than 6 to walk and nothing but the thought of home keeps you moving.
For months after that, i have cringed on seeing those areas of wadala,bandra and dharavi again which i had waded through. I have thanked God that a colleague, Anuj was with me throughout. I have also berated myself for not being alert enough to realise that moving out of office in such weather was a big boo-boo.
I can end the post with morals about strengths and perseverance et all, but the most important part of that experience was the point when i realised that no matter how long it took, i would reach home.