Some moments that stand out from the past week –

Cleaning up the storage closet in my apartment, i chanced upon what must be the biggest treasure cache this side of the 1990s (Why 1990s? I have no idea. It seemed like a good year to put in). A veritable haul of paper plates, cups, glasses, forks, knives and spoons. And birthday candles. All bought for various birthdays or dinner parties thrown. All probably bought with no inkling of any previously existing goods, over the last two-odd years. Why, we now have enough plastic-and-paper cutlery to outfit an entire military regiment!


My room-mates have been ill with the flu bug. So some people dropped in to wish them well, and brought them flowers and fruits. Such a sweet gesture, you might think. However, those well-wishers had no idea that my roomies detest flowers. Well, maybe not detest, but they certainly wouldn’t like to be at the receiving or giving end of anything resembling plants or flowers. So, the situation is, two girls who have no fondness for flowers get a huge bouquet. Hows’s that for irony?


At the end of the above mentioned cleaning spree, i was exhausted and sat in a chair with eyes closed. Someone comes there and the conversation which ensues is

Someone: What happened? Are you meditating? (Joke in itself – I have never ‘meditated’ in my life)
Me: No, I am tired. Just cleaned out the closet.
Someone: Oh. Then don’t clean na.

How I wish life was so simple.


I have just broken my cardinal rule of never posting anything about roommates. Well, all i can hope is it’s the first and the last time.