An update of the last two weeks (yeah, beacuse i have nothing better to write about) :
1. The new iRiver Clix which i had ordered arrived. It’s one pretty baby, though i havent synced it up completely yet.
2. Have been playing games now that summer’s here. Throwball, and once, basketball. I am proud of meself (And whatever misconceptions i had about the correlation between height and basketball were just blown away. This ‘shortie’ shot 3 baskets that day.)
3. My room-mate lost her handbag and her house-keys with it late one night. So we reinforced our door from inside with a couch (you know, thinking up all conspiracy theories at night like “someone stole the bag. They now have the keys and the address. Whoa!!” ) all other furniture having fallen woefully short of our expectations. Yeah, dragged it against the door, tested the combination from the outside, dragged it back again to let the ‘break-in simulator’ ( i am a s/w engineer, am bound by complex rules demanding i use such words 😉 ) come in and finally laid it to rest for the night against the door. The couch, i mean. The next day when the lock couldn’t be replaced (due to a combination of weird reasons which if i started explaining now, would cause you all to yawn and close the browser and snooze gently) we just went ‘whatever’ and propped up two bean-bag chairs against it. Never was any fortress more assiduously defended!

4. This week was relatively tame in comparison to the last. I participated in a 3 mile walkathon – which occurs yearly to unite communities and raise awareness about diversity issues – on Saturday for the local Diversity Center. Walked last year as well, found it fun, and signed up again. Slept away most of saturday though after that . 😀
5. Yeah, how can i forget this – decided to watch ‘Tashan’ in a misguided moment of affection for Hindi cinema….enough said.

And i leave you with a brilliant ad that someone showed me on youtube. Enjoy.