No, I haven’t been thrown out, as the title seems to indicate. My predeliction for misleading and vague titles is already known, so I won’t bother explaining.

For the few of you out there who might be wondering where I am, here’s a status update. I have come back from the most awesome weekend spent travelling over a few states. You can have total non-stop fun with your college mates, no matter how long after college you are meeting up. And wherever you go , realisations plague you. So here they are in sequence –

# I was never one for flashy cars. And then I saw, and rode in, the Mitsubishi Spyder, with the car-top down. Since then I have fallen head-over-heels for convertibles. I so, so want to own one all my logic for stable, sedate, efficient cars has flown out of the window.

# I really, really regret not being able to dance. Really dance, that is, not wave an arm or two in the air. ‘Coz that I do, and call it dancing. A 25 yr old gal and a 4 yr old angel have put me to shame with their exuberant dances over the weekend. The sadness of it I’ll never recover from.

# And yeah, I attended a wedding and had total fun. Pigged out on good Indian food, had Mehendi on my hand, dressed up, visited temples, took loads of snaps and so on. So all you folks out there, please get married fatafat and do not forget to invite me. 😀

# Also, I have developed a fascination for Atif Aslam’s “Kuch Is Tarah”, and have heard it 5 times already in the day. Ah, road trips have a way of doing that to you.