So Galadriel tagged me to write about my most favourite characters from literature. My response to this tag was in serious danger of becoming as long as a book itself, so I had to severely curtail it. Here are some of my fav chars from books I have read and enjoyed. I have tried (though not very hard) not to include the usual suspects. And given that the list is mostly full of the usual suspects, I won’t really describe them. 😀


Rhett Butler (Gone with the wind) – Alright, so go ahead and sue me. I can’t help liking this guy, though my image of him before and after seeing the movie is rather mixed up with Clark Gable.

Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice ofcourse) – So double sue me. 😀 But yes, I like Elizabeth Bennet equally well.

Bernard Woolley (Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister) – The third party in the Hacker-Appleby wars, this guys is funny. Though he’s torn between the two principal parties, his presence balances the act. Can’t really quote him here though ( ‘coz I don’t remember any of his dialogues 😉 ).

Aragorn (The Lord of the rings) – Galadriel, please forgive me for not including your namesake here, but she pales before Aragorn 😀

My blog-name namesake – Alice from the famous Alice in Wonderland. This girl has adventures and how!

Captain Nemo (20,000 leagues under the sea) – Ever since I read this book, I have thought roaming the oceans in a submarine would be cool. 

George(The Famous Five) – When I was a child, she seemed the most enviable little girl to me : she was free to do as she wanted, she had 3 cousins her own age, and she owned her own little island. And oh, also a lovable and loyal dog. Can you beat that?

Lord Emsworth (Blandings’ series) – Of all the bumbling characters penned by Wodehouse, this one is the most delightful. His concern for his pig is unwavering, even when greater dangers (like his sister’s wrath, or Rupert Baxter’s efficiency) hound him.. I would also have said Jeeves, but he is a universally acknowledged genius anyway.

Tristan Farnon (from James Herriot’s books) – He makes the occasional appearance in the stories, but when he does, you can’t help liking him.

Heidi – after whom the book is named, is a sweet child. Her friendship with Peter and her effect on her stern grandfather is the stuff of which ‘senti’ stories are made. The book itself, however, is never that. Again, I read the abridged version when I was a kid.

Other mentionables – Marvin the Paranoid Android (Hitchhiker’s guide..), Beth March (Little Women) and Scout Finch (To kill a mockingbird).

I tag mithun and rachana to take this up. I have no idea whether they are bookaholics, but this is a good way to find out. All yours, guys. 😀