Presenting a cheeky view of the types of managers (project managers, to be very specific) one sees in the normal course of a workday. No offence to any manager who might be reading this 😛

1) The baby-boomers (aka the paper pushers)

 The older variety of managers, who were in the workplace since long before computers were used regularly. They believe nothing works like paper does. Often carry thick sheafs to meetings and are sometimes mistaken for newspaper delivery guys. One extreme example I saw was conducting a conference call from his desk, jotting down notes meticulously on several sheets of paper. Oh, he was sitting with his back to his locked computer. These guys have a very organized, detailed, mapped approach to everything. I only wish they wouldn’t cut so many trees for it!

2) The follow-up-ers

They need to check and double check on everything anyone says and will resort to all means to do this. Like emailing after a meeting, or calling you up again, or dogging your footsteps with a notepad and pen in hand. Don’t be surprised if you see them ringing your doorbell one day!

3) The chronic worriers

They have no clue what’s going on, and are very worried that if they don’t meddle in everything, it will all just fall apart. They will interrupt your work with demands for frequent updates and will call together 20 people for the slightest issue. Most of the times, 15 out of those 20 people aren’t even remotely related to the issue and just seem to be random names drawn up by a very complex lottery system.

4) The ‘I-don’t-know-how-its-done’ 

They literally throw their hands up in the air and say ‘ I haven’t done that before, can you help me?’. The helping process is so tortuous, you’d rather jump off the nearest cliff.

These are just the few types I could bring to mind.. I am sure you all have seen many more specimens (ahem!). Feel free to contribute. 😀

Edited to add: Identified another type today, the ‘we-love-meetings-and-we-have-so-much-spare-time’ers. Two of them were talking before a meeting ” Have you already sent the meeting request? Invite her, she needs to be there. Oh him, yeah, well. If you want to. But keep him optional. And him, yes, he should be there in the beginning, he can drop off later. Right, do we have everyone we need?” (Yes my dears, you have more than you’ll probably need in this lifetime!)