She almost cried with the pain of it, the injustice. He was to be mine, for now, for ever. We were to marry, so what if he never asked, it was an irrefutable truth. We both knew it, so why did he turn aside, deny it? What, indeed, went wrong?

So lost in her turmoil was she that she barely noticed she bumped into someone. She looked at him, though looked through him would be a better term, muttered an indistinct sorry, and drifted away towards the bus stop.

The guy who was rushing along, late for an appointment, halted to catch a breath. He looked behind at the girl who had put him off-balance. She seemed lost in her own world. Shaking his head in a wordly-wise way, he said to his friend “such nut-cases around these days. Barely look where they are walking to. She might come across Adonis and not see him, the way she was going. Anyway, as i was saying, i have to study Longfellow for tomorrow, something he wrote about Ships that pass in the night…”

Yes, yet another ghost from the past. My “drafts” folder must be feeling lighter already.