I wanted some serious “away” time. And I got it in disguise of a weekend with family, at Connecticut. And what a weekend it was.. not only totally de-stressing, but also filled with some seriously “happy” moments ( I know the two words dont go well together so dont point it out to me okay? ) caused by funny comments from kids (my baby cousins, yes).
So in no particular order, here’s the gist:

~ heard in the airport announcements ” If you don’t have so-and-so sign on your boarding pass, please see the nearest airline respresentative” repeated 10 times over. What they really mean is “If you don’t have that sign on your pass, you really really need to start worrying, and you can start NOW”.

~ By the way, the sign they were talking about was for people travelling with infants, called as ‘infants-in-arms’. Made me imagine babies dressed up as miniature jackie-chans, going “haaiii-yaaa” from within their parents’ embrace. 😀

~ The flight attendant remarking wryly ” So those of you who have stepped in this flight by mistake, you can step down now. It’s a mistake we understand, since one tends to follow the person in front. We also don’t have signs showing the directions and exits so we know you can end up in the wrong place.” Did I mention I love self-deprecating humour?

~ Homespun Kiddie wisdom:

A car conversation: What is ta doing? Oh she’s sleeping. Oh. How will she have dinner then?

Kids try to wake you up by jumping on the couch at the same time they try to make you comfortable by putting a pillow below your head. I don’t know if you have ever tried it, but let me tell you, its very difficult to suppress a giggle when you are supposed to be sleeping.

A 5 yr old eating at taco bell quoted verbatim “Why is it called taco bell? There are no tacos here (she meant the ambience, not the menu). and no bells either. Why would anyone call it taco bell? taco bell doesn’t even make any sense”.

And kids on the return flight ” we are back already..  I cant believe it. I didn’t want to come back so soon.” <sigh> they spoke for me too..

How about y’all, did you have a good weekend?