She found maneuvering the car on a narrow ribbon of a road so difficult. there were steep cliffs on both sides. you had to be extra careful if you didn’t want to bump your car into the hillside. if you did, you were a goner. you’d sit and block the road for ages until someone came along and rescued you. For this was no well-traversed and highly frequented road she was on. she always travelled to far-flung places, with little or no signs of humanity or civilization around. she preferred it that way. people always came and spoiled everything. laughed at her. told her to get out of their way. she didn’t mind animals though. why, on her last trip, the cutest little deer had cut across her. well, there was no chance of that today, she thought. there would be no deer here, in this cold valley, with its snowy peaks towering high above her on both sides. Nope, no cute lil creatures here. a snow leopard or bear maybe, but she didn’t really want to imagine them.

there was a bend in the road ahead of her. she advanced slowly. she didn’t want to plunge ahead at full speed only to discover there was a steep downslope. she had had that experience too. She had had a lot of experiences, which was surprising given her age.

The cold was starting to unnerve her, make her shiver. She decided, next time she would go someplace warmer. Somewhere nice and sunny. A beach maybe. she shook herself out of her beach-surf-and-sand thoughts as she turned the corner. now, that was a nice sight. the cliffs werent so tall here, and more of the sky showed. you could never really be sad if it was bright and sunny, even if there was a lot of snow about. she was also revising her opinion of the interefence of humans. after all, you couldn’t call them bad if they could carve this beautiful tunneling and winding road out of the countryside. for, she wouldn’t be here if not for the road. she ..

‘Sylvie, come in out of the way now’ her mother called from inside the house. ‘It’s time for your afternoon nap. Besides, that gentleman behind you needs to clear the sidewalks too.’

Sylvie gave a small sigh of frustration and getting off her tricycle, heaved it out of the way.

Her imagination always took her places.