For I am now accepting all awards bestowed on me ages ago.  Also, if you have any more awards to give me , the time is now.

*Haughty speech over*

So these ladies got some well-deserved awards, and passed a few on to me as well.  Please note the absence of ‘deserving’ before ‘me’. 😛  And it’s time I put them out here and passed them on as well. So here we go…errrr, wait on. I am supposed to nominate bloggers for each award, but my blogroll is so tiny that I won’t judge based on it. So, I hereby give all those on my blogroll all the three awards (yes yes I know I might be creating some circular dependencies and that some people might be getting awarded multiple times. ) I also, will not blame you if you decide not to display these on your blog, or take a long enough time about it. Also, …hey , don’t take the mic away from me. YOU!….

1) Awarded by Galadriel.


I do hope you get your wish soon and start writing again.. the blog-neighbourhood seems kinda empty without you.

2) Awarded by Rayshma.




Muah, to you too girl. Do write about your meeting with the queen.. (you did meet her didn’t you? 😀 )

3) Awarded by Rayshma again.


Million$$$$$$ friend

Million$$$$$$ friend

She’s single handedly responsible for half the awards floating around. 😛  She totally deserves each one she gets too!