Discovered an old school diary of mine recently, one of those types in which the time-table was marked out at the end, and which used to have prayers printed on the front pages along with neat columns to be filled out for leave. I had turned a couple of such diaries into personal diaries after the school year, and finding them when least expected, filled me with joy.

These volumes were filled with childish scribblings and sketches (or drawings, as we used to call them), and also homework noted down for the day. I also chanced upon some letters tucked neatly inside the diaries, which school friends had posted to me, and replies which I had written but never posted. Letters, not because we were in a boarding school and it was vacation, but because a friend had moved to another city (in one case) and because I had later changed schools and moved to another part of the city. Letters, at an age when best friends seemed to be for ever, and parting from them made you feel  you would never again find another such. Letters, full of the sugary sentiments of childhood and teenage, in the not-yet age of computers, delivered by snail mail. I feel sad now that I realise I have no idea where those friends of mine are. Sometimes, even Orkut can only do so much.

I wanted to post some snapshots of the diary for everyone’s entertainment, but the internet connection suffers from anemia these days, and does all it can to stop me from using it to the max. So one of these days, when it has taken its daily dose of vitamins and minerals, you might see those pics. Until then, pray for it to recover soon.

Update: Got the pics uploaded. Here you go: