No breaking news, but ordinary happenings. Chipping a toenail on the sandal of the girl ahead, whose walk on the railway platform was reminiscent of a cow ambling in a garden. (yes, I can be very caustic when I want.) the fight to get into the train, and stay on it (in one piece), and get down from it without losing my handbag or sandal or a finger or arm. The chiding I got from a lady on the train when it appeared to her that my cell phone was falling from my handbag. I ought to be thankful, except I was in an irritable mood, the cell phone was securely tucked in, and the lady’s attitude – as though she couldn’t fathom I wasn’t down on my knees thanking her for speaking to me – was unthankable. the overall feeling I get when I realise that coming back hasn’t really changed things an iota. the sinking feeling when I wonder if anything ever will. Maybe I was too hopeful, and isn’t that ironic in a pessimist?
Since this post, while drifting from point to unrelated point, has devolved into an outright whiney rant, I will put a fullstop, until I can think of better things to write about.