is a sun-warmed stray cat unabashedly purring in response to my petting . is a knot of excited children surrounding a vendor on a busy thoroughfare in the city, all of them blowing soap bubbles into the air. is a chubby kid in school uniform sitting alone at a deserted bus-stop in the afternoon, licking away at his orange and yellow coloured candy bar. (On catching my eye and seeing me smile, he stared suspiciously at me for a few seconds before the candy-bar reclaimed his attention.) is a biscuit factory alongside the train tracks, that sends forth the most wonderful warm baking smells into the air. is the night wind that blows into my face and makes a total mess of my hair when the nearly empty train rushes and clatters past stations in the dark.

moments like these bring a smile on my face, and make me fall in love with my city all over again.