1) Why is a public gents’ restroom carrying the board ‘Klock House’?
(Noticed from a bus, so don’t you dare ask me how I know.)
2) Why do people in a crowded bus make as if to get down within the next five minutes, making you hopeful of getting their seat, and then proceed stay parked for the full ride and get down just one stop before you?
3) On the side of a small tempo “***** Enterprises – Envelope pesting punching and gumming.” Uh-uh. Some violent business, this.
4) There’s a place in Mumbai called ‘ Pa Pa Pagli Chowk’. While I wish I could swear it’s true, my mom says it’s more likely it is ‘Pa Pa Dagli’ and I mis-read it. Well, I am still gonna call it Pagli chowk.. makes for more interesting reading, don’t you think? 😀
5) And it’s that time of the year again when pustules of construction break out on Mumbai streets like a seasonal rash. Dug-up pavements surrounded by “Please bear with us” boards. The funny part is people do bear with them. There are long lines of traffic waiting for the next flyover, or Metro line, or whatever-it-is to be constructed, hoping it will ease everone’s travel. And it does, until things built today are dug up in a few years time, when the next government comes in, and those in power see fit to make-over mumbai again. Is it faith? Optimism? Apathy?
6) While I haven’t seen the movie, I am wondering as to how ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ translates to ‘Slumdog Crorepati’ and not ‘Zopad-patti Crorepati’. Ideas, anyone?

There is something more I wanted to post; if only I could remember what it was!