Not because the topic merits a post, but because I have nothing else to write.

    Every Dutch national owns, at the very least, 1 piece of clothing of white and orange colour each. And doesn’t hesitate to wear all-white anytime. And they do it with such gusto, Jeetendra is left miles behind. No kidding.

    Also owns a bicycle each.

    And a dog. Sometimes several.

    The shops all close by 6 on weekdays.

    Dutch people love to whistle. All the time, anytime.

    Obviously due to their fascination and dependence on cycles, every single person is lanky. I mean, the average height here must be 6’2″. This causes all ceiling, window-blinds, light fixtures in any apartment to be tantalisingly out of reach.

    These people LOVE bread, and to a slightly lesser extent, cheese, and this forms a major part of their diet. And they gulp a quart of milk during lunch. And eat fruits for dessert. An american would starve within days hours of being stranded here.

    The dutch have their own take on the concept of a ‘child-seat’. This one is a bicycle attachment, and is generally found attached to the cycle handlebars, or is a carrier behind the seat. Or sometimes both. Lil kids go to school, or grocery shopping with their mums’,while happily perched on these seats.

Alright folks, that’s all for now… will update this as and when i find more such interesing facets.